Al Meera Unveils Cutting-Edge Smart Shopping Carts for the first time in the Middle East

Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Q.P.S.C), partnering with Veeve, a Seattle-based tech company, is set to revolutionize the retail technology landscape by introducing smart carts for the first time in the region.

The initial soft launch of smart carts will be introduced at Al Meera's Wakrah South branch, followed by Leabaib 1 branch. Customers are invited to experience this new and innovative way to shop starting 1st January 2024, marking the beginning of a revolutionary era in the retail industry in Qatar.   

Striving to provide an exceptional shopping experience, the retailer's latest smart carts come equipped with a touch screen, barcode reader, and cameras. Customers can log in, scan items, and add them to the cart, eliminating the need for traditional checkout lines. Moreover, the screen will showcase the best nearby deals and promotions, seamlessly connected to Meera Rewards, enabling customers to shop and save simultaneously.  

On this occasion, Al Meera stated:

"Al Meera customers consistently relish an exceptional experience across all its stores, as we continue our journey of rapid expansion, from the inception of the first fully autonomous and checkout-free Smart store in Qatar to partnering with high-tech global organizations. For the first time in Qatar and the Middle East, smart shopping carts will be introduced as an alternative to traditional carts, an additional step in Al Meera's comprehensive digital transformation journey.”

He added:

"The introduction of the smart cart marks the initial phase of its rollout, with plans for a gradual expansion across more branches in the near future after meticulous customer testing.”

Veeve, a Seattle-based company, implements its technology in major retail brands globally, with Al Meera being one of the latest additions in the Middle East.

Al Meera not only upholds its rich legacy of years of experience and excellence in the retail sector, but also contributes to the Qatar National Vision 2030 by strategically adopting state-of-the-art technological solutions through recent partnerships.

These alliances ensure advanced cloud solutions and play a crucial role in implementing expansion plans that align with Qatar’s National Vision 2030. Simultaneously, they enhance the overall experience for customers and employees across its extensive network of 60+ branches.