Community Focus

Emanating from its faith in the importance of social responsibility and the constructive role that it plays in community development at all levels, Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Q.S.C) has spared no effort to sponsor and support community events and initiatives that yield a sustainable positive impact on individuals, the environment and society as a whole. 

Since its inception, Al Meera has affirmed its belief that the community is the main target and grantee of its distinguished efforts, as social responsibility is considered an integral part of its programs and ongoing initiatives in the service of the community in which it operates. 

One of Al Meera’s most important goals and objectives is to have a pivotal role in strengthening the economic and social fabric by providing support for many of the activities and events in various fields, such as offering donations, sponsoring conferences and seminars, supporting culture, heritage, sports, health and the environment, caring for people with special needs, as well as developing and interacting with the local community.

Through those humanitarian and community development initiatives, Al Meera aims to translate its commitment to the Qatar National Vision 2030 and its four pillars of social, human, environmental and economic development. Over the years, the company developed a number of remarkable activities that have become an important part of its annual commitment to society’s various segments.

In 2016, Al Meera Consumer Goods Company sponsored a large number of humanitarian, social and environmental initiatives, which was translated into a streak of achievements that have been met with great acclaim and engagement from all segments of society.

An expansion plan that continues to serve the community

Al Meera opens its newest branch in Bu Sidra

As part of the ambitious expansion strategy it is adopting to reach all regions of the country and provide its exceptional services to the various segments of society, Al Meera opened its new branch in Bu Sidra in October; the first shopping center to open its doors to consumers in 2016 as part of Al Meera's ‘14 shopping centers’ expansion plan, which was set in motion with the aim of providing consumers in all regions of the country with a unique shopping experience and a true value for money. 

The opening of the new shopping center comes in the framework of Al Meera’s Corporate Social Responsibility, in terms of providing the highest quality products at affordable prices to the communities in which it operates, as well as keep pace with the urban and population boom Qatar is witnessing, in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

In 2015, Al Meera managed to open 10 new branches – 9 shopping centers in Muraikh, Azizia, Muaither, Jeryan Njeima, Thakhira, Al Wakra, Al Thumama, Al Wajba and Rawdat Ekdeem, in addition to the Gulf Mall branch. The Company had also started the establishment of five other branches as part of the aforementioned plans, which include building 14 new shopping centers, bringing the total number of Al Meera branches to 54 by next year.

Al Meera’s new shopping center in Bu Sidra is located parallel to Furousiya Street in Al Rayyan. The 4250 m2 branch designates approximately 2100 m2 to the supermarket area, in addition to 10 other shops and a food court, which will start providing its services to the shopping center’s visitors soon.

Al Meera’s Bu Sidra shopping center was built in accordance with the highest international standards and has been equipped with modern interior designs and lighting systems that ensure a distinctive shopping experience. The center features a supermarket equipped with world-class technologies and facilities, a huge parking space, and a variety of shops and restaurants, further fulfilling the Company’s vision of becoming consumers’ ‘Favourite Neighbourhood Retailer’.

4 new branches to open their doors to consumers in the soon future

Following the launch of its Bu Sidra branch, Al Meera is gearing up for a new streak of achievements in terms of its expansion. The Company is currently in the final stages of preparations for four new shopping centers located in North Sailiya (Al Miarad), Al Wakra (West), Um Salal Ali, and Leaibab 2, built on a covered area of 4,000 m2, 2,667 m2, 4,014 m2 and 5,093 m2 respectively.

New contracts for further expansion

During the year of 2016, Al Meera has also announced that it has signed contracts with Al Khayarin Group Contracting and Trading and Al Muftah Contracting Company to build six new stores in the coming period, the value of QR 238,730,146.

As per the agreement, Al Muftah Contracting Company will work on the construction of four new Al Meera shopping centres, while Al Khayarin Group Contracting and Trading will be building two new shopping centres for the company. Project Management services for the six new stores will be provided by Al Rayan Partners (ARP).

Al Meera's expansion plans are the result of a well thought out strategy that dovetails with the urbanization plans of the State of Qatar, and ensures achieving the growth sought by the company in the future. 

Moreover, this cooperation with Qatari companies will enable Al Meera to build world-class shopping centers, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and solutions that reflect the innovation and modern standards Al Meera is keen on achieving, in addition to what its team offers in terms of quality services to customers in various regions of the country, embodying Al Meera’s slogan as everyone’s ‘Favourite Neighbourhood Retailer’.

The Company’s expansion strategy is carried out in pace with Qatar’s urbanization plan, in close coordination and continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment for the exchange of recommendations and proposals in this regard, which encompasses branches in new areas and others that have recently witnessed a population boom.

Signing an MoU with Lusail Real Estate

Emanating from its strategic vision to serve all areas of the State, especially new ones or those witnessing a boom in population, Al Meera signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Lusail Real Estate Development Company last year, for the operation and management of two shopping centers in Jabal Thuaileb and the District’s Northern residential villas.

This agreement demonstrates the capacity and commitment of national companies to provide pioneering experiences and outstanding services to the residents of Lusail City, a Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company project, which is one of the largest urban development projects in the world, stretching over an area of 38 square kilometers, which can accommodate over 200,000 people, and offers more than 170,000 job opportunities, as well as its capacity to receive 80,000 visitors.

Ten years of commitment to the consumer and the community

‘Ten years anniversary’ offers

On the occasion of celebrating its tenth year in business in late November 2015, Al Meera did not forget its social responsibility towards the community, and presented several community initiatives, including its offer to customers in all of its branches, where they could redeem 10% of the value of their purchases for each QR 500 spent. The clear steps taken by Al Meera throughout the ten years since its founding has reflected, through its efforts and achievements, the Company’s keenness on the interests of its customers and shareholders. Stemming from this direction, Al Meera has and still makes every effort to continue its march of achievements.

 Ramadan special campaign

During the Holy Month of Ramadan 1437 H (2016), Al Meera announced the launch of its Ramadan special campaign, by offering 1437 consumer goods at cost price’, as part of its unwavering commitment to make a difference in consumers’ lives and honour the country’s social and cultural values.

Held under the slogan "your confidence inspires us to give, in the month of giving”, the campaign offered customers a unique shopping experience, where they had the chance to purchase, at cost price, 1437 high quality products that have been carefully selected to cater to the specific needs of shoppers in the holy month.

The campaign witnessed a huge turnout, as consumers enjoyed a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience. The Company also worked closely with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in order to offer a wide range of consumer goods in accordance with the prices set by the Ministry.

Health First

National Sports Day

Stemming from its belief that a healthy mind lies in a healthy body, as well as from its keenness on spreading the culture of sports among the various segments of society by supporting sports activities that carry humanitarian messages, Al Meera provided its support for many of the sporting events that are held in the State. The company celebrated the country’s fifth National Sports Day with its staff and the participants in the “We Ride for Doha 2016” cycling parade in Qanat Quartier, The Pearl-Qatar, inspiring the community to lead happy and healthy lives.

The National Sports Day celebration witnessed the active participation of Al Meera’s energetic workforce, who helped create a memorable experience for the participants, in the true spirit of National Sports Day’s call for claiming back one’s zest for life. 

The company’s active participation in the celebrations comes as part of its ongoing efforts to create a positive social impact in the community.

Al Meera has always been at the heart of the community, with its relentless pursuit of delighting and surprising community members with ideas and inspiration, to improve their lives. Al Meera’s strong culture and values are considered a part of the Qatari identity and integral to the Company’s success and its strides to continue rewarding the communities in which it operates, by implementing the highest standards in all its work.

For Al Meera, the Qatar National Sports Day is not only a wonderful opportunity to renew the vigor and vitality of members of the community and a friendly reminder of the important role sports play in their physical mental and emotional health, but a catalyst for developing healthy and active generations that contribute to creating a bright future for the State of Qatar and the achievement of its National Vision for the year 2030.

 Blood Donation Campaign

In the same context, Al Meera in late 2015, was keen to organize a successful blood donation campaign in collaboration with the Blood Donation Unit at Hamad Medical Corporation, at the Company’s headquarters.

The campaign came in the framework of reaffirming Al Meera’s commitment to the local community, and in line with the humanitarian role and social responsibility of the Company, which seeks to extend a helping hand to the those in need of safe blood, as well as in the framework of its partnership and cooperation with national institutions, including HMC, which saves no effort to perpetuate the provision of blood units to patients in need.

The campaign was met with a remarkable response from Al Meera staff, who were enthusiastic to participate and donate safe blood to those in need, while praising this initiative which promotes humanitarian work, and expressing their sense of pride to contribute to alleviating the suffering of many patients who are looking for blood units in their journey toward healing.

 Supporting the Qatar Organ Donation Center (HIBA) 

Al Meera has provided support to the Qatar Organ Donation Center (HIBA), run by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), as it launched a six-week organ donation campaign, which witnessed the installation of platforms and booths in shopping malls and other vital locations, in order to spread the culture of organ donation among the public.

Family health… a priority

Out of its keenness to support initiatives that help achieve food safety and health, "Your Health First" campaign launched its latest initiative "Your Healthy Choice" in four branches of Al Meera as well as Géant Hypermarket, in order to empower shoppers to choose healthy and nutritious foods and prepare meals with a balanced nutritional value. The branches included Al Qutaifiya, Gulf Mall, Al Wakra (South), Thakhira, and Géant Hypermarket in Hyatt Plaza.

Al Meera has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q) to launch this initiative successively in all branches of the hypermarket. The launch was kicked off at Géant Hypermarket, where "Your Healthy Choice" posters were presented in prominent locations. The posters contained information about the health benefits of various food groups, in accordance with the MoPH’s ‘Qatar Dietary Guidelines’. All family members were also given the opportunity to consult dietician specialists at those branches, about healthy choices, maintaining an ideal weight and the food for individual baskets recommended for a healthy life.

Sponsoring "Our future lies in our health" campaign

During 2015, Al Meera has also sponsored the "Our future lies in our health" campaign, a comprehensive awareness campaign launched by the Ministry of Public Health in order to encourage members of the community, both citizens and residents, to follow a healthy lifestyle and quit daily habits that are harmful to the health of the individual, family and society as a whole, by providing special platforms in some of the branches of Al Meera to display the campaign’s awareness messages and spreading health messages among shoppers. The Ministry’s qualitative initiative, seeking to build a healthy future for all Qatari society groups, comes as part of its efforts to develop the health sector in the State and strengthen the role of preventive health as one of its pillars, in line with the National Health Strategy 2011–2016 and as a contribution to achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030.

‘Definition of cancer and its prevention’ initiative

Al Meera has sponsored the initiative of Qatar Cancer Society, the country's leading humanitarian organization, which aims to increase public awareness of cancer, its causes and ways to prevent it. In the Rumailah Hospital and during the Holy Month of Ramadan, Al Meera provided quantities of various products such as dates, milk and water, to be distributed to visitors. The symbolic act came in the context of the implementing the social responsibility strategy adopted by Al Meera, and highlighted its commitment to its responsibilities towards the community.

Diabetes Awareness Campaign

The “Standing Together against Diabetes” campaign, which was held during the Holy Month of Ramadan in previous years, in a number of Al Meera branches, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, successfully left a positive impact on shoppers and the public. Through the campaign, the definition of diabetes was introduced, as well as how to prevent it, with reference to the best practices to control sugar levels in patients and the healthy foods to consume as well as the ones to stay away from.

Deep-rooted national commitments

Qatar National Day

Last year, Al Meera participated, as it does every year, in the country's National Day activities, which falls on December 18 of each year, with celebrations held in memory of the renaissance of the State to highlight its identity and history, and to honor the men and women who participated in building the country. 

The theme of the National Day in 2015 "Our good deeds are the celebration of the aggrieved", which reflected the behavior and manners pursued by the people of Qatar in their generosity and lending a helping hand. Al Meera participated in ‘Darb al Saai’ activities, through the establishment of a supermarket in at the ‘Souq Waqif’ pavilion, with the aim of serving the huge turnout of visitors and revelers during the celebrations. 

Al Meera offered many qualitative in order to meet the needs of the citizens and residents during their visit to ‘Darb al Saai’, as thousands flocked to the place every day during the morning and evenings shifts. On this occasion, Al Meera also sought sharing the National Day celebration with school children by offering them meals during their visit to ‘Darb al Saai’.

Al Meera also sponsored the events associated with the celebrations of the National Day, specifically the event of local communities, which was coordinated by the Organizing Committee of the National Day activities. 

Gold Sponsor of "Watani Qatar"

Al Meera’s choice as the golden sponsor of the “Watani Qatar” book, which was ", who was directed by the United Media Center, is considered one of the most prominent achievements of the Company in 2016, as the inauguration ceremony was held in the presence of HE Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Rumaihi, Minister of Municipality and Environment, and a number of Their Excellencies, national figures, journalists and writers. 

The “Watani Qatar” book embodied Qatar's exemplary renaissance and the status of its welfare and development, thanks to the effort and the unlimited support of the wise leadership of the Emir His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and, in precedence the Father Emir His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. 

This national project conveyed a message of loyalty and gratitude to His Highness the Emir, as the inauguration ceremony on June 25, coincided with the anniversary of His Highness taking the reins of power in the country.

The book included three chapters: of which the first chapter is about Qatar’s history, civilization and founder, and the second chapter details the vision of His Highness the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who laid down the continuation of the ancestor’s blessings with every effort to establish a State that the entire world regards, transitioning to a worthy successor, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. 

Meanwhile, the third chapter of the book presents the Qatar National Vision 2030, which is considered the roadmap of Qatar’s future, through balancing the achievements that realize and acknowledge the economic growth and the nations’ human and natural resources. The book also discusses Qatar’s embrace of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the national efforts made to successfully host this global event.