Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (QSC) is a shareholding company governed by the Qatari Commercial Law & articles of Incorporations.

It was established in 2005 under the directive of H.H. the Father Emir, and is governed by the Qatari Commercial Law and Memorandum of Association as approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

A Meera is 26 percent owned by the Qatar Holding Company, and 74 percent owned by shareholders. The company was listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange on October 28th, 2009.

Al Meera is a Mass Grocery Retailer (MGR) having 43 branches in Qatar. It conducts direct sales of fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, fresh food and similar items.

The biggest retail chain in Qatar has recently developed its shops in cooperation with a reputable international consultancy house to meet international standards in aspects such as interior design, marketing, promotion, and other technical and operational aspects.

The Company provides wholesale and retail services, trading of consumer goods and materials of all kinds, ownership and management of consumer outlets, trading in foodstuff, consumer goods, household items, electrical and electronic equipment, and many others.