Working at Al Meera

The success story of Al Meera is an inspiration for people looking to make a mark in their lives, not only for self-advancement but for progress of the society and the country as well. 

From establishing the first retail outlet in Qatar, we have a history of taking challenges head on and emerging stronger and more illustrious every time. This culture of relishing challenges is inculcated in the employees of Al Meera and finds expression in their passion towards work. Al Meera takes pride in the fact that it has always treated obstacles as stepping-stones in its journey of growth.

Al Meera provides excellent opportunities for individuals looking for careers across many disciplines. Al Meera is dedicated to attract and hire the highest caliber of employees. The company emphasizes diversity, recruiting from all around the world to achieve excellence. 

Al Meera needs to ensure it has the right people in the right roles, constantly reviewing the human capital needs of the business and creating new and exciting opportunities for talented people to join the organization in a variety of positions.

Al Meera has a number of vacancies posted under Vacancies section. If you are interested please visit it for more details.Join the Al Meera family and start your career with an organization that puts its people at the heart of its business!

Recruitment of Nationals

The development of the Qatari workforce, through proper education and training, is now a primary national objective designed to enhance the development of the country. 

On the threshold of a new era hallmarked by globalization and astounding advancement, the development of the national workforce cannot be underestimated. It has become a prerequisite to ensure the well-being and prosperity of the country. 

Every citizen who is aspiring for development and advancement, and who meets the requirements for employment in the retail sector, can step forward and join us!