Al Meera Consumer Goods Company is one of the leading companies in the State of Qatar in applying Qatarization policy and attracting many Qatari people to work withing its team. In alignment with its strategy of developing staff and hiring new competent national candidates, Al Meera succeeded over the past years in dedicating many of its potential jobs to Qatari nationals.

In this context, Al Meera extends its thanking and appreciation to the Ministry of Labor in Qatar, for its long-lasting cooperation and guidance over the past years. This collaboration helped in achieving the desired objectives of the Qatarization policy at Al Meera.

The increasing growth of Al Meera activities and expansions locally and internationally (acquiring the Giant Stores and the expansion in the Sultanate of Oman) leads to a growing demand on the recruitment of a greater number of Qatari nationals in all the company's departments, and in key administrative positions in particular.

With the increase in the number of successful graduates in specialized programs during the year 2014, the number of our Qatari employees is expected to increase in the Department of Human Resources in particular, comparing to previous years. The HR Department is seeking to provide Qatari nationals with the convenient jobs in order to achieve the Qatarization process.

Pro Qatarization Activities

a) Active participation in Qatar Career Fair since last 3 years.

b) Revision of Compensation / Salary Scales for Qatari Nationals.

c) Reservation of certain positions as “QATARI ONLY”.

d) Using online search engines having stronger Qatar National database.

e) Promoting ads / campaigns aimed at hiring Qataris.

f) Supporting development of existing staff with training programs / sponsored courses. 

g) Flexible work timings for Qatari staff enrolling in such courses. 


- We are constantly trying to develop talent of young & energetic through this program.

- Program launched exclusively for Qatar Nationals in tie-up with CNAQ.

- In implementation since 2009, we successfully enroll selected candidates into CNAQ 

- Opportunity for them to develop a better future & serve in our organization once course is completed. 

- A detailed selection process to attract potential performers from profiles provided by Ministry of Labor.

- Immediate placement opportunities are provided to staff completing the course successfully and guided on their career path options in FMCG / RETAIL industry.

- More than 9 candidate were selected as a part of this program since starting.

- We look forward to interested candidates to complete the course and joining our team.