Vision & Mission

Market Positioning:

“Al Meera is aspiring to be a leading international company, the favourite neighbourhood retailer, serving customers’ common needs with the freshest products in the market, offering healthy options, all at competitive prices. At Al Merra, customers will find care, trust, convenience and efficiency, in a friendly atmosphere.”


The trusted retailer of choice.


Serving customers’ daily needs conveniently

  • To serve our customers with quality and dedication, develop friendly and knowledgeable employees and share our resources with the community.
  • To serve our customers with unmatched quality & dedication
  • To develop friendly, knowledgeable employees in a professional work environment
  • To reward the communities we work within by implementing the highest standards in everything we do and share our resources


“To make customers happy with a constant attention to the freshness of products, to their availability and competitive prices, high level of services requirement and healthy sensitivity.”





Al Meera Company Brand Promise

At Al Meera we want you to have a joyful shopping experience. We promise to bring you the highest quality products in a local, friendly environment. We judge our quality by the ingredients, freshness, taste, nutritional value, safety appearance and most importantly by your satisfaction.

Al Meera Profile

The retail sector plays a very essential role in most people’s lives. For some, shopping is all about the ease and speed of getting round the store as fast as possible; for others it’s about the fun, or the necessity, of looking for special offers and discounts. 

We at Al Meera are honored to be a part of our customers’ lives. Catering to a market that includes a very wide variety of cultures and traditions, our vision is to be the favourite neighbourhood retailer. In keeping with this image, our constant efforts are towards continuous improvement with the aim of meeting our customers’ expectations through providing great products at good prices. Adapting to the winds of change, Al Meera has undergone an overhaul with regards to the internal structure as well as the external outlook. There are a lot of exciting future prospects for expansion and diversification. All changes are undertaken keeping in mind our mission which includes:

1. Serving our customers with unmatched quality and dedication.

2. Developing friendly, knowledgeable employees in a professional work environment. 

3. Implementing the highest standards in everything we do and sharing our resources, with the community we serve.

We believe in building strong ties and brand loyalty with our customers and hope for your support and cooperation.

With all the new and renewed amendments, we are motivated and thrilled to meet and surpass our customer requirements. Come visit us so we can have the opportunity to serve you and your family.

We look forward to continuing to work together to create a more sustainable present and future