Al Meera Hypermarket and Supermarket

What Al Meera Consumers Goods has accomplished to satisfy its clients in the past few years is a result of its commitment to the strategic goals that put the provision of sustainable services on top of all primacies.

Al Meera board members have a central role in maintaining the company’s growth and expansion. Through partnerships and successful strategies, our position in the market has enhanced and we took a leading place in the retail sector in Qatar. The strategic plan of the company accomplished big success, well evidenced by the growth and development figures.

Al Meera supermarket works hard to implement its slogan to be “Your Favourite Neighbourhood Retailer”. We build new branches to exist in all places so that every customer stays close to Al Meera wherever in Qatar. The expansion plan will benefit all, customers and stakeholders alike. Al Meera currently has 52 branches in Qatar, and in order to achieve a wider spread that satisfies its customers, new branches are already opened during the year 2015 in Muraikh, Azizia, Muaither, Thakhira, Jeryan Njeima, Al Wakra 2, Al Wajba, Al Thumama, Rawdat Ekdeem as well as a branch at a rented property in the Gulf Mall.

Al Meera is working in its full potential to get the construction phase of its 14 malls. The malls will be opening, according to four innovative designs, in Sailiya North, Umm Salal Ali, Leabaib 1, Leabaib 2, Bu Sidra, Al Wakra3, Rawdat Aba El-Heran, Azghawa, Al Khor, Um Qarn, Rawdat Al Hamama, Jeryan Junaihat, Al Sailiya, and Ain Khaled.

Our supermarket chain consists of 14 branches in Doha and 18 other branches in: Hyatt Plaza, Muraikh, Muaither, Al Azizia, Jeriyan Nejaima, Wajba, Rawdat Ekdeem, Gulf Mall, Abu Nakhla, Beverly Hills, Mamoora, Gharafat Al Rayan, Al Jumailiya, Azaghwa, Al Murra, Al Shahaniya Barwa Mesaimeer and Al Sailiya. Seven branches outside Doha are also distributed in all areas giving easy access to all residents everywhere: Al Ghuwairiya, Al Thakhira, Al Shamal, Al Kaaban, Al Wakra, and Sealine, in addition to 2 branches in residential compounds.

At Al Meera we believe that renewing is a major part of the development process that the market requires. In our endeavor to gain our customers loyalty, we always try to surprise them with all what serves their own shopping experience. Malls meet the customers’ demands the most, as the facilities provided offer him the chance to buy daily consuming materials and enjoy comprehensive shopping experience, surrounded by restaurants, cafes, bookstores and other commercial spaces. For this reason, we continue executing our plans in transferring to the new innovative concept in partnership with international dedicated institutions, in order to build new modern branches that meet the Qatari market requirements.