Al Meera sets to celebrate Ramadan with exciting offers, rewards for customers

  • Fawazeer Ramadan on social media to give away daily prizes of QR1,000 in Meera Reward Points
  • Weekly promotional prices for more than 500 items
  • Shop & Donate campaign in collaboration with Qatar Charity on over 2000 products

Doha, Qatar - March 2023: Al Meera Consumer Goods Company is making Ramadan memorable for its valuable customers with a wide array of Ramadan special promotions and offers, competitions and other activities as part of its efforts to meet customers’ demands, elevate their experience during this special month and provide exceptional services to all members of the community.

To make basic food needs more affordable during the Holy Month of Ramadan in its more than 60 branches across the country, Al Meera is selling over 900 items at discounted prices as per the directive from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to provide its customers the opportunity to purchase high-quality products that have been carefully selected to cater to their specific needs in the holy month. Furthermore, the company has also introduced promotional prices for more than 500 highly demanded items every week since the last week of February and through the month of Ramadan.

The campaign, which comes as part of the company’s commitment to offer the best to consumers products at the best value, covers various products such as flour, dairy products, juices, chicken, rice, oil, water and other frequently needed products during the fasting season. The company has announced and will continue to announce all Ramadan special prices and offers through its social media and in-store platforms.

Al Meera will also launch Fawazeer Al Meera starting the first day of Ramadan, an entertaining online competition running throughout the holy month, for customers to get the chance to win daily prizes of QR 1,000 in Meera Rewards points every day. In addition, Al Meera will also introduce two weekly activations ‘Find the Crescent’ and ‘Ramadan Recipe’ through which customers can win valuable prizes such as TVs and other electronic gadgets. To take part in the campaigns for a chance to win, customers can follow Al Meera on Facebook (@AlMeeraQATAR) and Instagram (@AlMeeraQATAR) every day, answer the daily questions and look out for the daily winner announcement.

Sharing the joy of the blessed month with the less privilege people and low-income earners, Al Meera has collaborated with Qatar Charity on the ‘Shop and Donate’ campaign through which a share of revenue from more than 2000 products will be donated to Qatar Charity to support its humanitarian activities during the month. Al Meera has also distributed over 1000 gift vouchers to Qatar Charity to be distributed to families in need in Qatar.

To enable individuals to spread the blessings of Ramadan, Al Meera has made gift vouchers available in 22 branches for people to buy and give to their loved ones or those in need. Moreover, as its usual tradition, Al Meera has made Ramadan boxes available a month in advance for customers to purchase or to drop off at Qatar Charity stations in select Al Meera branches for onward distribution to the beneficiaries.

To ensure an uninterrupted supply of large quantities of high-quality products throughout the holy month, the company has prepared its strategic stock in coordination with its local and international

suppliers to provide adequate items from the company’s various sources prior to the commencement of Ramadan.

Commenting on the Ramadan campaign, Al Meera management said, “Since its inception, Al Meera has committed to always making the Holy Month of Ramadan a special season for its customers by not only providing their basic needs during the month, but also making the items available at the lowest prices possible. This year, our clients will be able to purchase more than 900 products at discounted prices, enjoy special promotional prices on over 500 items every week, participate in exciting competitions and win valuable prizes, and donate to charity causes.

“At Al Meera, we see Ramadan as a rare opportunity for us to give back to the communities where we operate as a responsible corporate citizen by providing the same high-quality products at reduced prices and cooperating with charity organizations to help people in need. We are committed to prioritizing customers’ satisfaction in all our activities and campaigns to maintain our position as ‘Your Favorite Neighborhood Retailer’. We wish Qatar’s wise leadership, government, people, and our valued customers a blessed Ramadan filled with good health, joy and Allah’s favors.”

Al Meera continues to expand into new urban areas that need retail services and increase the diversity of products and goods offered through its branches and online platforms at competitive prices. Al Meera cooperates with all relevant authorities and entities in the country to boost its effective role in advancing economic and urban development in all regions of Qatar.