Al Meera set to open first Géant Hypermarket

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Doha, Qatar 20 February2013:  Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Q.S.C.) ,today announced the opening of the first Géant hypermarket at Hyatt plaza on Sunday, the 24th of February.

The opening of Géant hypermarket follows an agreement signed between Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Q.S.C.) and French retailer Casino to develop a network of hypermarkets and supermarkets under the Géant banners in selected Middle East countries.

It may be recalled that Casino, Al Meera (through Al Meera Holding Company W.L.L.) and Retail Arabia had earlier signed a sub-franchise agreement allowing Al Meera Holding (its affiliate and/or group companies) to develop and operate hypermarkets and supermarkets under the Géant and banners in Qatar and Oman.

The Géant Hypermarket at Hyatt Plaza promises to offer highly competitive prices to the Qatari market along with a surprise that will be revealed on the day of the opening.

Géant Hypermarket with its array of products, customers can be assured of a shopping experience never felt before. With the breadth and visibility of its fresh food offerings, creation of an attractive, dramatic sales environment, pertinence of its non-food offerings (textiles, decor, lifestyle, electronics, etc.),   transformation of the surrounding shopping centers into modern, welcoming, friendly spaces, and many more, Géant Hypermarket promises a fun-filled and comfort shopping.

The Géant Hypermarket will adhere to the strict international standards to ensure product(s) freshness, by selecting professional suppliers who are able to follow high standards and specifications and are able to supply fresh product in quantities with regularity.

Special emphasis has been given to widen the products range to provide more choice particularly to increase the interest and the attraction of the expat population (meat, cheese, dairy product, fish, bakery and vegetable) and also to provide more choices for local people.

The first Géant hypermarket in Qatar will reinforce the presence of the Géant and banners in GCC countries - where Géant is already a leading retailer with more than 10 stores in operation in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain.