Al Meera revives Ramadan traditions

Within the framework of its social initiatives aimed at enhancing communication with the various segments of the society, Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (QSC) has launched a new initiative seeking to revive Qatari traditions between neighbors during the holy month of Ramadan, through motivating the spirit of compassion and solidarity and the custom of exchanging food prior to the Iftar time. 

Adhering to its motto “The Favorite Neighborhood Retailer," Al Meera formed a team of employees who started visiting families outside Doha in the vicinities of some of the company's branches like in Abu Nakhla, Al Shahaniya, Al Shamal and Al Dhakira, and distributed to them "al Harees", the most famous Qatari traditional Ramadan dish. The plates were offered by Al Meera in cooperation with "Harees al-Walda" restaurant, the specialized in catering the most popular dishes. 

Dr. Mohamed Bin Nasser Al Qahtani, Al Meera Deputy Chief Executive Officer said: “Our initiative for this month comes as part of our keenness to maintain the usual social cohesion between Al Meera and its customers. Reviving this particular custom is a chance to confirm that we are holding on to our heritage and an occasion to repay our customers who trust Al Meera and its services." 

The company’s social initiative seeks to achieve the vision of Al Meera through its distinctive team, innovative approach and dutiful social behavior. Al Meera's vision is based on adopting a culture of performance with ambitious goals, complying with the terms of safety and expressing the sense of social responsibility in the company, besides its efforts for ongoing development, openness and transparency.

This month, Al Meera took part in several social activities, as it had supported a diabetes screening and awareness campaign being launched by Action on Diabetes for Ramadan, allocating spaces in three of its major outlets to host stands for the initiative. The campaign aimed at early detection of diabetes and at guiding Al Meera customers to healthy lifestyles with offering advice about fasting to those with the condition.