Al Meera continues to expand its presence across the country

In order to achieve geographic expansion and in line with the national Vision 2030

  • the opening of direct commercial lines with leading countries in the field of manufacturing

Adhering to its motto “Your Favourite Neighbourhood Retailer", Al Meera Consumer Goods (QSC) continues its expansion plans in the state of Qatar to serve diverse communities, and cover the needs of citizens and residents wherever they are at competitive prices while considering all the segments of the society.

Discussing the expansion strategy, Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Qahtani, Deputy CEO of Al Meera said: 

"Al Meera has always considered to reach highly populated areas especially the zones that lack of retail malls". He added: "Al Meera's expansion comes in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, as it aims to develop various areas in Qatar following the state's urban planning, serve all communities in the State and ensure profitability for all its shareholders".

Al Meera's expansion is not limited to the establishment of new stores. In fact, the company has completed during the past few years the acquisition of the "Giant Stores" retail chain including the purchase of Al Oumara Bakery Company, which added 5 new stores to its supermarket chain, in addition to signing a subcontractor lease agreement for the Dasman Hypermarket building, which is located on the main highway leading to the airport road. Al Meera has also launched a slew of modernly designed and architected commercial centers in Abu Nakhla, Nuaija and Legtaifiya, as well as supermarkets in each of the Barwa Mesaimeer and Beverly Hills residential complexes. 

In addition to its expansion plan, Al Meera has worked in parallel on the renewal of the old branches, where it modernized the branches of Al Mansoura, Hazm Al Markhiya, Onaiza , Bin Omran, Khalifa South, Al Maamoura, Al Wakra and others. These measures have contributed to raising the number of branches from 23 branches about four years ago to 32 branches by the end of 2014 following the closure of the two branches Al Khor and Onaiza 1.

The development plans of Al Meera gained great momentum in the year 2014 as it succeeded in building nine new modern shopping centers in the regions of Muraikh, Al Azizia, Muaither, Jeryan Njeima, Thakhira, Al Wakra, Al Thumama, Al Wajba, and Rawdat Ekdeem.

Dr. Al-Qahtani added: "The construction of the new branches of Al Meera follows the contemporary design of the modern shopping malls which includes a supermarket, shops, restaurants and other facilities. The construction works are in accordance with the international standards and the latest interior designs and lighting systems that guarantee a distinctive shopping experience".

Al Meera continues the implementation of its plan at a gradual pace. Since the beginning of the year 2015 to date, the company has successfully opened the branches of Muraikh, Al Azizia, Muaither, Branch at the new opened Gulf Mall, Jeryan Njeima, Al Thakhira and Al Wakra 2. In the coming weeks, Al Meera will be also opening new branches at Al Wajba, Rawdat Ekdeem, and Al Thumama, after obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from the competent authorities.

Dr. Al-Qahtani clarified that through these ten branches Al Meera can stand at the needs of Qatar's population in these regions and neighboring areas. For instance, the 2 branches of Rawdat Ekdeem and Al Wajba will be serving the area of Bani Hajer, while Jeryan Njeima branch will be catering for the needs of the Duhail area.

Given the needs of the market, Al Meera offers a wide range of products that meet the daily needs of all customers, deals with the best local suppliers and build international business relationships through reciprocal visits to many of the leading manufacturers of food and non-food items. 

Al Meera is currently importing high quality food at competitive prices from Turkey as well as from Thailand and Vietnam. The imported food from Turkey include many items such as beans, chocolate, biscuits, pastries and juices, tomato paste, honey, eggs, frozen chicken griller, olive oil, olives, fruits and vegetables, while the import of most canned fruits and vegetables is from Thailand, and seafood such as frozen fish and canned tuna, come from Vietnam.

In addition, other items are imported from France, the Netherlands, the United States and the United Kingdom, to provide more diverse options at Al Meera stores, besides other goods such as furnishings and home appliances that come from both Vietnam and China. As well, Al Meera recently began dealing with both Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan for the import of new high quality products.

This year, Al Meera has started the construction work on several new branches as part of its expansion strategy to construct 14 new shopping malls across Qatar, located in Sailiya North, Bu Sidra, Al Wakra 3, Umm Salal Ali, Rawdat Aba El-Herran, Azghawa, Al Khor, Um Qarn, Rawdat Al Hamama, Jeryan Junaihat, Al Sailiya, Ain Khaled, Leabaib 1 and Leabaib 2. 

Dr. Al-Qahtani said that some of these branches will provide services to areas such as Al Kheesa through Rawdat Al Hamama and Jeryan Junaihat stores, while al Khuraitiyat area will benefit from Azghawa branch services. 

After the expansion plan is complete, Al Meera will boast 56 outlets spread from the south to north, and east to west of Qatar.

It is noteworthy that Al Meera has signed a memorandum of understanding with Lusail Real Estate Development Company for the operation and management of two central shopping areas at Jabal Thaileb North and the Villas residential area. 

Dr. Al-Qahtani also noted that all new branches of the company will be built in the same international standards, as well as the nine new shopping centers.

Al Meera plans to build two additional branches in the North area and Al Jumailiya where the stores will carry a unique special design. 

The Company will spare no effort in opening other branches when given the opportunity to do so. Its coordination with the Department of Urban Planning is constant, as Al Meera aims to study all suggestions and consider many requests with respect to the expansion in new locations such as Rawdat Al Hamam, Al Shehaniya North, Madkhal Al Khuraib, Rawdat Rashed, Umm EL Omod, Al Khuraitiyat and others.