Al Meera and Elite Paper Recycling Company sign Memorandum of Understanding

Yousef Ali Al Obaidan: Our goal is to shed the light on environmental initiatives and issues for a healthy, eco-friendly conscious society


Doha – Al Raya: In a strategic partnership aimed at reducing and limiting the hazards of waste on the environment and society, Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Q.P.S.C) and Elite Paper Recycling Company recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU’s signing ceremony was held in the presence of Mr. Youssef Ali A Y Al-Obaidan, CEO at Al Meera and Mr. Abdulla Ibrahim Al Suwaidi , Chairman of Elite Paper Recycling Company.


The memorandum marks a significant step toward nationwide environmental sustainability and awareness efforts, building on both leading players’ shared vision and mission to drive  eco-friendly consciousness toward a healthy and responsible society, and extending their collaboration in promoting recycling and environmentally sustainable principles and practices. These efforts fall under both Al Meera’s and Elite Paper Recycling Company’s agendas and initiatives toward the nation’s sustainable development ambitions, strengthening their cooperation in problem-solving for critical environmental issues, and instilling guiding principles for the next generation to take ownership of these solutions.


On this occasion, Mr. Youssef Ali A Y Al-Obaidan, Al Meera’S CEO, said:


“Building on our market leadership among Qatar’s pioneering companies, as well as on our role and responsibility as a national institution supporting the Qatar National Vision 2030, we look forward to the strides this partnership will make in our enduring efforts to integrate environmental sustainability principles and eco-friendly practices in our day-to-day operations through rigorous waste management systems.


Our onus is integral to delivering on our nation’s environmental ambitions. Our collective efforts can yield great positive change through which we can shape the future, and mould a next generation that is equipped, aware and informed to lead on our environmental safety vision.


Our wise leadership and state, through the efforts of both governmental institutions and private sector companies and leaders, play a central role in this nationwide vision, with the launch of many targeted educational and awareness campaigns such as “Eco Dome”, in which Al Meera is participating as a strategic sponsor.”


Mr. Abdulla Ibrahim Al Suwaidi, Chairman of Elite Paper Recycling Company, added:


“We are delighted to be signing this partnership with Al Meera, and are keen to unite our efforts with Qatar’s leading retail and service companies in promoting environmental sustainability efforts for our nation.


It is guided by the National Vision 2030 and under our strategic ambitions that our “Eco Dome” initiative came to life, with the support of Al Meera as one of this first-of-its-kind event’s strategic sponsors.


Through this partnership, we also continue to deploy recycling containers for paper and cardboard waste across all Al Meera branches, in a nationwide public environmental and sustainability awareness campaign toward a prosperous future and society. This is one of many such collaborative efforts with Al Meera to come, particularly in the green economy space.”