Ahli Bank (Q.S.C)

Ahli Bank (Q.S.C)

Founded in 1983, Ahli Bank Q.S.C (Ahlibank) is a Qatari-owned financial institution that serves individual consumers, small businesses and corporate customers with a wide range of products and services. Ahlibank aims to deliver unmatched convenience and personal, simple banking experiences that highlight its tagline, “With You”. Ahlibank has grown its client base rapidly with an integrated network of 14 branches and over 70 ATMs in Qatar.

Credit Card features and benefits

Ahlibank’s Credit Cards offer a wide range of features and benefits, and also comes with Contactless technology. Find more ways to make your relationship with Ahlibank Credit Cards even more rewarding. For more information, visit www.ahlibank.com.qa or call us at 4420 5222.

Earning Meera Rewards Points

Pearl Points can be redeemed to Meera Rewards Points easily. Every 1,000 Pearl Points earned equals to 5,000 Meera Rewards Points.

Note: Redemption of Pearl Points is subject to the minimum of 1,000 or multiples of 1,000 Pearl Points to be redeemed