To become one of the Al Meera’s suppliers

Enlist your company with Al Meera & become one of our trusted suppliers, in 7 simple steps

Would you like to leverage Qatar’s biggest consumer goods retail chain and sell your products via its ever-expanding network of branches throughout the country?

Become one of our trusted suppliers today and open up a whole new world of profitable opportunities for your business.

All you need to do is enlist your company as one of Al Meera’s suppliers, by following the 7 simple steps below:

You’ll be working with Al Meera’s Commercial Department, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified by Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS in the UK. This means that we follow international standards in contract management, category review, and selection re-evaluation of Al Meera suppliers.

1.Meet our Procurement Team to introduce your company and present your proposal.

2.Our Procurement Team will analyze your products to determine if they meet Al Meera’s supplier listing requirements. Analysis will be based on specific criteria, including:

  • Availability in the market.
  • Product’s origin, packaging, demand.
  • Price and competitiveness analysis.
  • Category analysis and market saturation.

3.If the analysis of your products is inconclusive, our Procurement Team will propose listing them for a fixed trial period. 

4.Once your products are approved for listing, pay the fees required

  • Opening Fee
  • Registration Fee
  • New Showroom Opening Fee (As we grow our branch network, you grow with us)
  • Fixed/Percentage-based Listing Fee (Agreed upon by the procurement team)

5. Adhere to our Payment Terms

  • Fixed rebate that varies between categories
  • Step rebate will also depend upon the category

6.Based on the product’s rotation, we will decide whether you will continue as one of our suppliers or Al Meera will delist the products.

7. This process will be reviewed by the Procurement team on a yearly basis, and amended accordingly (based on the Company’s strategy).

Terms and Conditions apply