How can I buy shares?

Al Meera shares can be bought or sold through a stock broker or through a financial institution that provides brokerage services.

How can I sell or transfer the stock?

Through a broker

When does Al Meera pay dividends?

After the proposed dividends by the Board of Directors are approved by shareholders at the Annual General Assembly Meeting

Does Al Meera offer Direct Deposit of Dividends?

To have your dividend directly deposited into your checking or savings account, call the nominated bank.

When is Al Meera’s annual shareholders meeting scheduled?

The AGM is normally held in March/April as determined by the Board of Directors. Proxy materials are approximately mailed to shareholders 15 days before the meeting. For more details, please refer to the calendar of events.

When was Al Meera’s first public offering? What was the price?

Al Meera was listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange on 28 October 2009. The Nominal Value WAS QR 10.00 per share.

How is Al Meera’s stock traded?

Al Meera's stock is traded on the Qatar Stock Exchange.

What is Al Meera’s fiscal year?

Al Meera’s fiscal year ends with the calendar year December 31st. Our quarters end on March 31st, June 30th and September 30th.

Who are Al Meera’s independent auditors?

Deloitte & Touche.

When does Al Meera distribute the annual report?

15 days before AGM

Who should I contact if I don't receive my dividend payment?

If you are a registered shareholder in the Qatar Exchange, please contact our present nominated bank, Qatar National Bank (QNB). Questions can be directed to QNB at +974 44407268

What is Al Meera's ticker symbol and which exchange does it trade on?

Ticker symbol: “MERS”
Exchange: Qatar Exchange

What is the number of Al Meera shares?

Twenty (20) million shares

How do I contact Al Meera Investor Relations?

You may contact Al Meera Investor Relations by telephone at +974 40119034 or by e-mail at a.bakr@almeera.com.qa

You may also write to:

Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Q.S.C).

Investor Relations 

P.O. Box 3371

Doha, Qatar

How can I get a copy of the Annual Report? And where can I find historical Al Meera financial information?

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the Internet by reviewing and/or downloading the information you need directly from this site and QE website.

When is the next annual general meeting?

The next AGM will be scheduled by Board of Directors. Proxy materials are approximately mailed to shareholders 15 days  before the meeting.