Al Meera launches ‘Local Fruits and Vegetables’ initiative across branches

In the context of supporting local farms and agricultural products 

Doha-Qatar – 28 November 2020: As part of its longstanding support for local farmers and entrepreneurs, Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Q.P.S.C.) has launched the ‘Local Fruits and Vegetables’ initiative in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) across all branches - the largest grocery retail network in the country. The initiative is in line with Al Meera’s continuous support for the local producers.

The initiative marks the beginning of the season and features a wide variety of premium quality fruits and vegetables at competitive prices, whilst also celebrating the achievements of local farms who have increased their production significantly as compared to previous years due to the sustained efforts of the farm owners. Over 150 farms are participating in the initiative with a variety of fresh farm vegetables supported by the MME to gain marketing platform for their produce at commercial outlets.

Through its premium platform, Al Meera gives producers and start-ups in the food industry the opportunity to showcase their products to the marketplace at prominent and strategic shelf spaces at over 50 branches and benefit from Al Meera’s wide consumer base that is present across the country.

Al Meera commented on the initiative, stating:

“The ‘Local Fruits and Vegetables’ initiative aims to support the efforts of Qatar Farms and Premium Qatari Vegetables by providing a platform that is ideal for local farmers to exhibit their produce, gain key visibility, and grow their presence within the marketplace. Additionally, it allows engage in a flurry of new opportunities for cooperation and partnerships. As a country that has been working towards self-sufficiency, initiatives such as this supported by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment are vital in strengthening local capabilities to produce high-quality, home-grown products and take a leap towards Qatar’s food security.”

As the country’s national retailer, Al Meera enjoys close ties with local farmers and has been instrumental in championing national products at its branches, especially since the blockade in 2017. Al Meera frequently offers shelf and kiosk spaces and engages in collaborations with key government ministries to promote “Made in Qatar” products through monthly promotions, campaigns, and raffles as part of its unwavering support for local producers and national products.

In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, Al Meera continues its commitment for local Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) in the food industry on the path to food security, self-sufficiency and economic diversity.