Al Meera kicks off its Ramadan Campaign at 36 stores, offering 1438 products at cost price

In line with the campaign, Al Meera participates in Katara’s month-long ‘Meerat Ramadan’ festival

Held under the slogan ‘an abundance of good, in the month of goodness’, Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Q.S.C) has officially kicked off this year’s Ramadan Campaign with the introduction of 1438 consumer goods at cost price to the patrons of 35 of its branches across the country, in addition to Géant Hypermarket. In line with the campaign, Al Meera is currently participating at the ‘Meerat Ramadan at Katara’ consumer goods festival, for the duration of the Holy Month.

 As part of this year’s campaign, the patrons of 35 of Al Meera branches, as well as Géant Hypermarket, will be able to purchase at cost price, 1438 high quality products that have been carefully selected to cater to the specific needs of shoppers in the Holy Month. Shoppers will be able to spot these products through special shelf talkers.  

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Mr. Cobus Lombard, Al Meera’s Acting CEO, Sales and Operations Director, said:

“Since inception, Al Meera has been at the heart of the community and has spared no effort to make a real difference in the shopping experience of consumers across the country. As part of our unwavering commitment towards the welfare and prosperity of the community we serve, every year, Al Meera makes sure to run massive promotions on hundreds of food and non-food items catering to the needs of all families celebrating every iftar and suhour”.


He added: “This year, we are pleased to extend our Ramadan campaign with Al Meera’s participation in Katara’s ‘Meerat Ramadan’ festival as a token of appreciation and gratitude for the continuous support of our patrons and to share the country’s families in their celebration of the Holy Month. In addition to that, we are also offering 1438 consumer goods at cost price, as a tribute to the Islamic Year 1438. The way we see it, there is no better way to celebrate the Holy Month with our customers, than by sharing with them in their precious moments of gathering.”


Held at the Cultural Village Foundation from May 11 till June 29, ‘Meerat Ramadan’ festival hosts more than 30 local food supply companies offering a wide variety of Ramadan culinary staples and grocery items at low prices, in order to help families around the country in their preparations for welcoming the Holy Month.



Throughout the duration of the ‘Meerat Ramadan’ festival, Al Meera is offering Katara’s visitors a rich variety of Ramadan specials, essential food items and a selection of the 1438 consumer goods that are currently on shelves at cost price at several branches of Al Meera. The interior design of Al Meera’s shop at the festival has been decorated to reflect the Company’s internal colours at its newly opened branches, in addition to replicating the latest innovations and modern shelving setup, in line with the company’s identity.

Al Meera’s Ramadan campaign comes in the framework of the Company’s inclusive CSR program, as well as in the context of providing consumers in Qatar with high quality products at the best price, living up to Al Meera’s motto of being everyone’s ‘Favourite Neighbourhood Retailer’.

Al Meera will also provide adequate quantities of “Tamween” items for Qatari nationals at 34 of its shopping centers across the country, during the Holy Month. In addition to that, Al Meera is currently working with its local suppliers on providing its customers with attractive offers on a variety of consumer products and home appliances at its stores.

In order to keep consumers informed about all initiatives during Ramadan, Al Meera will make use of special labels to designate around the products that will be priced by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. 

The Company is continuously collaborating with its local and overseas suppliers to supply and import the best products from the company's various sources prior to the Holy Month, including Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States and the United Kingdom, among others.