8 malls under construction and 1 additional store to open in Gulf Mall

Al Meera Legtaifiya Mall:  A destination for modern shopping experience

In line with its strategic expansion plan in the Qatari Market and in alignment with Qatar's National Vision 2030, Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (QSC), adhering to its motto “The Favorite Neighborhood Retailer”, successfully opened its recent branch in Legtaifiya, while proceeding with the construction of eight new malls set to open by the end of 2014, beginning with the Jeryan Nejaima branch, in addition to the opening of a new store in Gulf mall.

Legtaifiya Mall

Legtaifiya new branch opening came to confirm Al Meera's progress at a steady pace towards achieving its aspirations and aims to fulfill all consumers' needs wherever they are in Qatar, and to provide them with the best possible services in an innovative and modern design concept, suitable for the requirements of contemporary markets. The opening of the distinctive branch also interprets the modern concept for malls, which Al Meera has been adopting recently out of keenness to present an up-to-date shopping experience that meets international standards of retail sale. 

The company is working on constructing branches with a contemporary impact, to fulfill the ambitions of consumers in Qatar, as the shopping complexes include supermarkets, along with shops, restaurants and other stores. The malls are constructed in accordance with international standards and equipped with the latest interior designs and lighting systems that ensure a comfortable shopping experience. 

Since the beginning of 2014, Legtaifiya Mall has been receiving customers on a daily basis with a unique and exclusive 24/7 service, in distinction to other Al Meera branches across Qatar. The branch consists of one ground floor of 3125 square meters comprising Al Meera supermarket, restaurants, shops, a pharmacy, as well as a shop for telecommunication services. The mall is also surrounded with spacious parking lots, extended on an area about 5000 square meters. 

Like in all other branches, Al Meera provides a wide variety of merchandises in its Legtaifiya branch, with over 11,500 products of foodstuffs and non-food items, of which customers can choose. Products also include imported goods from across the world to fulfill the different tastes of Qatari nationals and expats residing in the country.

In Legtaifiya branch, consumers can find everything they need from food items, such as fruits and vegetables, dairy, various kinds of bread, fresh and frozen meat and chicken, cereals, juice, canned goods and other products. The branch also offers its consumers all cleaning tools and kitchen supplies, plastic containers and other items, as well exclusive products available only in Al Meera branches, under the label "Al Meera" and "Casino."

The branch also provides an additional facility of self-service sections, where customers can directly shop for meat, fish and sandwiches without the help of an employee, which makes shopping easier and faster. Customers are also provided with a guide to shopping in the healthiest way through displayed awareness banners by Doha municipality- Health control section.

As for the most distinctive feature of Legtaifiya branch, which turns the shopping experience into a unique one, it is the display of products meeting international standards, as Al Meera uses globally acclaimed "wire shelves" manufactured by "WANZL" which are rust and rot resistant. 

In addition to that and in order to preserve a unique service to its consumers, the company is keen on providing high-quality hygiene services in Legtaifiya – as in all Al Meera malls - through conducting regular clean-up operations using advanced methods that ensure a high level of hygiene in the branch. 

Ongoing expansion plans 

Al Meera Company maintains its quest to keep up with the pace of development and leaps of growth in the state of Qatar, by moving forward with its expansion plans, as the company intends to open up to 9 new branches, inside and outside Doha, during the Q4 of this year, consisting of the highest quality standards and the latest modern equipment. Al Meera is working in its full potential to finalize the construction phase of the new malls, in order to achieve a wider spread that satisfies its customers. As soon as it obtains the necessary permits and approvals from the concerned authorities, Al Meera will immediately open its branches in Jeryan Nejaima, Al Wakra, Al Thumama, Al Wajba, Muaither, Al Azizia, Zakhira, Al Muraikh, as well as a branch at a rented property in the Gulf Mall, set to open soon. 

One of these advanced projects is the construction of the Jeryan Nejaima branch expected to be completed soon. Facing the Lekhwiya Stadium, the branch will be meeting the requirements of consumers in the area with bringing all the products that they may need. The branch extends on an area of 5526 square meters, of which 1207 square meters go to the supermarket. Jeryan Nejaima branch will include 19 stores offering a variety of services to all visitors, as well as 4 restaurants set to serve the most delicious dishes.

Al Meera is allocating large areas for its new branches, as is the case in its Jeryan Nejaima branch, with the aim of providing a comprehensive service to the consumer, not only limited to buying food products, but also giving shoppers the opportunity to visit various stores, having a good meal, or even buying other purchases.

The company maintains its expansion plans with recording remarkable growth. Al Meera's profits for the first half of this year has grown intensely as net profit grew by 95.8 percent, from QR 57.6 million to QR 112.8 million, compared to the same period in 2013. The Company’s Earning per Share (EPS) amounted to QR 5.64 as of June 30, 2014 versus QR 3.16 for the corresponding period in 2013.