Fishery Manager

Department: Procurement / Commercial Employment Type: Full Time Contract
REF ID: #189

Commercial tasks:

  • Analyzing past buying trends, sales records, price, and quality of merchandise to determine value and yield.
  • Responsible for reviewing information about inventory, analyzing how quickly certain products have turned in the past and identifying products that have not been successful for the store.
  • Identifying potential suppliers and interview them to determine whether or not they are capable of producing the right quality and quantity of an item for the store.
  • Tracking the high demand models and ensuring that those models are properly sourced and available on demand.
  • Ensuring that the sales are on target and revising the estimations if not.
  • Making sales projections, making sure that the contract covers all necessary conditions for successful merchandising.
  • Negotiating and Reviewing supplier contracts in yearly basis.
  • Setting the right price points for various goods and the margins needed.
  • Making sure that the contract covers all necessary conditions for successful merchandising.
  • Analyzing all reports coming from Finances department (wastages, shrinkage, purchases, rebates, etc..)
  • Analyzing and reporting to Fresh Food Director.
  • Updating the Fresh Food Director about the current trends

Sales floor tasks:

  • Built a schedule to visit Al Meera Stores.
  • Analyze the sales & Quantity of the store that it will be visited.
  • Analyze the monthly result of the section (sales, margin, wastage, shrinkage).
  • Train people working in the section.
  • Built processes to improve the standard of the section.
  • Set up a check point to get a guide line of visit to be consistent.
  • Set up an assortment & planogram that stores must followed.
  • Make a report at store level with an action plan to improve the level of al Meera stores.
  • Follow-up the action plan starting the next visit.
  • Make a weekly price survey of all competitors.


  • College, School of Fresh section, Quality, Hygiene & process qualifications, (HACCP)


  • Experience in Fresh Food section (Commercial & Operations)


  • Excellent communication & presentation skills
  • Computer proficiency (MS Applications, reports generation).
  • Bilingual candidates (Arabic and English).