Fresh Food Section Manager

Department: Operations – Stores activities Employment Type: Full Time Contract
REF ID: #121

Job Descriptions:

  • Responsible in controlling effectively the fresh food department within the Branches, ensuring the achievement of sales, gross margin and net profit against budget.
  • Provides constant monitoring and ensures the wages are within agreed budget, reductions of shrinkage are within agreed levels.
  • Maintains a regular program of visit each week to fresh foods departments, completing a branch performance analysis as appropriate.
  • Responsible in maximizing the contributions of the Fresh food Department within the cooperation of Area Managers and Branch Managers.
  • Responsible in effective negotiations with suppliers to maximize sales, budgeted gross margins, profits and to obtain the most advantageous buying prices, terms, advertising income and over riders.
  • Provides regular and consistent promotional packages to generate sales and profits.
  • Making sure the seasonal products are available to meet selling potentials and profits.
  • Meet suppliers, review of sales and overall performance analysis, branches visit.
  • Define assortment based on each store location, optimize the linear, space planning, study new concepts of sales, definition and follow up the performance.
  • Promotion items sales and margin analysis.
  • Manage sales and product classification, define arguments of sales and define target of national sales and by branch.
  • Department’s planning, budgeting, target and sales analysis.
  • Marketing and promotions.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Management, marketing or equivalent certificates and on the job training. 


  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a managerial capacity from a well know retail industry and preferably from GCC. 


  • Analytical can communicate both in English and Arabic with strong personality.