In line with its sustainability initiatives Al Meera launches “Truth Bottle” to raise awareness on wise water consumption

Doha-Qatar – 01 September 2020: Al Meera Consumer Goods Company (Q.P.S.C.) has launched a new campaign in a series of sustainability initiatives as part of its rigorous efforts to instil environmental-friendly values across various segments of the society.

The ‘Truth Bottle’ campaign is launched to raise awareness on wise water consumption in Qatar and the need to preserve the valuable resource as the country moves towards a sustainable future.

In local water statistics reports, research shows that Qatar’s water consumption per capita is one of the highest in the world, at 500 litres per person in a day. Many similar studies point to the excessively high rates of consumption and the need to change behaviour towards water usage.

‘Truth Bottle’, conceptualised as a half-full Al Meera water bottle, is displayed at specially designed stands at Al Meera branches to engage with Al Meera customers. Truth Bottle prompts customers to a microsite through a QR code, where they attempt to fill the bottle virtually. Through a ‘Fill and Share’ button, the campaign aims to raise awareness and spread the message to as many people as possible by reaching a target of 10,000 shares.

The thought-provoking bottle, half-full, portrays the large numbers of wasted water bottles left over in meeting rooms, cars, and gatherings calling for attention on the alarming fact of high levels of water waste and the importance of working together as society members to preserve the local water resource.

The online experience acts as an awareness platform on the issue of water usage in Qatar and its wider environmental implications. The campaign aims at encouraging a positive change in consumers’ behaviour while inviting every individual to question their daily habits.

Commenting on the initiative, Al Meera said in a statement:

“Currently, the State of Qatar relies on seawater desalination as its primary source for drinking water as well as for use in agriculture, household and commercial purposes. Even with the use of treated water, our country’s fresh groundwater reserves continue to be overused.

Truth Bottle aims to bring this information to the forefront of conversation so that together we can start working towards a more sustainable future as a nation. What the current situation around the (COVID-19) pandemic has taught us is how all our actions, as global citizens, are interconnected. What affects one person, affects the world. One action can start a wave. Similarly, we must work hand in hand as a community if we are to achieve long-term change towards sustainability”.

As Qatar’s national retailer and committed to the wellbeing of the nation, Al Meera leverages its relationship with its wide customer base to spread the message of mindful water consumption, encourage more conscious behaviour and foster a sustainability driven nation as intended under the Qatar National Vision 2030. This includes encouraging lifestyle changes in day to day tasks like washing cars, watering plants, doing the dishes, or taking a bath.

Another leap in its green footprint across Qatari territory, the ‘Truth Bottle’ campaign follows in a series of sustainability initiatives previously led by Al Meera. These include the installation of plastic recycling machines at select stores, the launch of eco-friendly bags, recycling of cardboard cartons and paper, and a battery waste collection initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment that allows customers to dispose of used batteries.

Truth Bottle falls in line with Al Meera’s wider commitment to spearhead green initiatives across the country, guided by the Qatar National Vision 2030.