What is Al Meera?

Al Meera is your Favourite Neighbourhood retailer, servicing the Qatar consumers by providing quality fresh food and competitively priced everyday groceries items, from milk, bread, sugar, flour, etc...

Where are the branches?

Al Meera branches are located conveniently across Qatar, within the local neighbourhoods.

What are the Departments in Al Meera?

Al Meera offers a wide range of products provided by the following departments: Fresh Food (Fruits & Vegetables, Delicatessen, Butchery, Bakery & Fishery), Dry food (Canned Vegetables, Rice, Flour, Cooking Oil, etc...), Non Food (Detergents, Toiletries, plasticware, etc...)

Why I will buy from Al Meera?

Al Meera offers a wide range of competitively price goods, with regular promotions that offer fantastic savings. The branches are conveniently located in the local neighbourhoods, and the efficient staff are always ready to assist. Al Meera respects the environment by providing our customers bio-degradable carrier bags.

How I Can Buy From Al Meera?

Come and visit any one of our conveniently located branches. Our operating hours insure that morning, noon or night, there is an Al Meera Supermarket waiting to serve you.

How many stores does Al Meera have?

Al Meera is a Mass Grocery Retailer (MGR) having more than 41 branches in Qatar

How can I contact Al Meera about a store experience or product question?

Please fill our Customer Service Application or Contact Us

How can I locate Al Meera stores?

Where can I know about new store openings?

We publish all new store openings on our website so please visit news section on our website 


Can I park my car at Al Meera stores?

We have ample parking in all our stores but for some stores we are forced share parking with other tenants

In which countries do you operate?

Currently we operate in Qatar and in Sultanate of Oman

Do you consider expansion into other countries?

Sure, follow us on our news and it is part of our strategy

Is there a price difference between Al Meera Stores?

No all formats of Al Meera stores share the same price file 

How can I lease space within Al Meera store?

For information on leasing space within a Al Meera store contact us on 4495-9428 /4492-9426

How can I contact Al Meera Headquarter?

Please call us on 40119111

PO Box 3371 Doha – Qatar