Almeera is purchasing the entire share capital of Qatar Markets Co. & Al Omara Bakery

Al Meera Consumer Goods Company, Q.S.C. is pleased to announce that it will purchase the entire share capital of each of Qatar Markets Company and Al Omara Bakery within the following weeks.

Al Meera Inks Agreement with International Retail Leader

Consumers to reap the benefits with cost-savings  Doha, Qatar 08 June 2011:  In a move to further lower prices for consumers and to become even more competitive, Al Meera and Groupe Casino, a French retail chain, signed an international supply agreement that will see Al Meera exclusively selling Casino-branded products in Qatar.

1st quarter financial statement

Almeera Consumer Goods Co. Announced the INTERIM FINANCIAL INFORMATION (UNAUDITED)-31 MARCH 2011

AGM Results

Al Meera General Assembly Meeting Results: We would like to inform you that the results of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting held on Monday, April 18, 2011