Mr. Eissa Khalid Eissa Al Muslimani

Mr Eissa Khalid Eissa Al Muslimani, holds a graduate degree in engineering, along with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and a diploma in project management. 

Currently, Al Muslimani has been working at Qtel, now better known as Ooredo since 1983, building up his professional career gradually from joining initially as an Engineer to Northern Local Manager, National Manager,  and Network Manager. 

He serves as a member of the Permeant Committee as a telecommunications expert and has taken an active role in contributing to the drafting of emergency law on more the one occasion. He has chaired and represented Ooreedo in multiple high- level regional and international conferences, forums, and local seminars, while participating in many local events, forums and seminar. Additionally, he served as a board member of Qatar German Medical Supplies. 

Currently, Al Muslimani manages various companies in the field of contracting, trade, retail services, and the food and beverage sector. 

He carries the expertise and knowledge in areas such as procurement, management, consulting within companies at risk, as well as managing large-scale complex project, problem-solving and the negotiation and development on complex contracts. 

Similarly, Al Muslimani made a large contribution to the development of Ooreedo’s telecommunications and management and quality systems, overall enhancing the capacity for project management. These achievements were most noticeably displaced in the shift to utilizing 7 digit phone numbers from 2000 to 2001.  The management of the 2006 Asian games equally served as a testament to the development and growth of Ooreedo.