Géant Hypermarket

At al Meera Consumer Goods (Q.S.C), we believe that partnerships with international entities of high professionalism and excellent reputation contribute in raising the level of our services according to international standards. This helps us gain the consumers’ trust in our services and company as a whole. Al Meera’s partnership with the French Casino Group translated well our openness towards successful companies that put the quality on top of its priorities.

The agreement between Al Meera and Casino relies on two parallel pillars; the strength of Al Meera in the local retail market and knowledge in local needs, and the wide experience of Géant Casino, the French hypermarket chain, in operating and managing Superstores. Our Hypermarket at Hyatt Plaza is an ideal example of this combination, as it adopts the best international standards in retail.

This partnership accomplished great success with Géant Hypermarket’s focus on diversifying the products to provide multi choices that attract our clients’ attention (meat, chicken, diaries, fish, bread, bakery, vegetables and fruits), and guarantee a unique shopping experience. With the diversification of offers on fresh food products and the vibrant environment prevailing, Géant hypermarket was quickly transferred to the most comfortable shopping destination!

The shoppers at Géant have the opportunity to get exclusive and distinguished products of the brand Casino, which includes: food, home appliances and supplements, computer supplements, cleaning and others. Casino is distinguished by high quality, competitive prices and high end wrapping. Its products are directly imported from France based on the best standards internationally, and are categorized upon arrival and stored with the best ways that secure its high quality. Géant strictly follows the laws and regulation of health and safety implemented in the state of Qatar.